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Readers and Reviewers – Hats Off To You!

I am so pleased that my first flagship book: “Here’s The Deal: Healthy Weight Loss and Fat Burning Over 40” continues to gain readers and reviewers after just a few short weeks on the shelves. Thank you! This tells me that you resonate with the message and are believing with me that getting into shape while eating healthy, delicious food is not only possible, it can also be an adventure!

Since there are always many more readers than reviewers, I especially want to give a special “shout out” to those of you who took the time to give your honest feedback on the impact of the book on your lives.

Here’s what just a few reviewers had to say:

Packed with action items you can check right off of your list – Healthy Weight Loss is a book PACKED with the real DEAL – literally. Using the acronym D-E-A-L, the author makes memorable cues for lifestyle changes that can be acted upon in small increments that affect BIG changes.

If you didn’t like anything ELSE in the book, (and THAT’s not gonna happen!) the price of the book is WELL WORTH the price JUST for the amazing chocolate bar recipe at the end . . . can’t WAIT to try the Organic Homemade Chocolate Bar Bliss TOMORROW!! TWO thumbs up + 5 stars on this one!

— Darin Pope

And Esbee had this to say:

I’m not talking about the price of the book when I say, “What a great DEAL!”

I’m talking about the “DEAL” approach to healthy weight loss as described in this book. A simple, practical approach that really seems easy to follow.

Recipes like “Organic Homemade Chocolate Bar Bliss” and “Chocolate Protein Shake for Breakfast” make sure that the “Yum” factor is not ignored in your diet.

I mean, instead of fighting your cravings, you can actually substitute them with healthy choices. In fact, the book gives plenty of healthy substitutes to satisfy your taste buds.

If you think its all about desserts and chocolate, then consider other recipes like the “Quick and Easy Power Packed Cole Slaw”, “Super Easy Leftover Bean Soup” or the exotic sounding “Sweet Heat Veggie Asian Stir Fry”

But, this is not a recipe book, it is an entire weight loss strategy. The book is entertaining to read and written in a conversational style. You often get a feel that the author is actually having a personal conversation with you sprinkled with anecdotes and humor.

But, the real highlight of the book is the “DEAL” strategy which although aimed at the 40+ crowd is a wonderful approach to healthy eating at any age.

What about you? I would love your feedback on the book as well! Also, please comment below about what types of dishes and recipes you would like to see in upcoming books, and what you crave that you WISH there was a healthy alternative to that you could consume without guilt.

Thank you again to all of you, my special readers. We’re on this journey together, and it wouldn’t be the same without you! 🙂