About the Book

You’ve reached – and passed – the big 4-0  birthday and now you understand what all the fuss about weight gain is about….suddenly it feels like your metabolism has fallen asleep, and those skinny clothes don’t fit like they used to.  Are you doomed to just deal with the reality that you’re not a spring chicken anymore?

Well, I’m here to encourage you.  Healthy weight loss and fat burning over 40 is not only possible – but it can be fun and satisfying as well.

You won’t find some super restrictive “impossible to stick with” plan here – no, indeed. Simplicity is key, and you’ll learn an easy acronym to help you remember what to do to help your body stay in fat burning mode!

Here’s the DEAL:

D – Detox (detoxification)

E – Exercise (something you enjoy)

A – Action Tracking (more details in the book)

L – Low Carbohydrate (except on your “cheat” days – Yipee!)

I’m here to encourage you, cheer you on, and assure you that you CAN do this!  You can be healthy AND happy and enjoy your food possibly more than you ever have before.

I promise to continue to provide you with upcoming recipe books, motivational quotes and inspiration to keep on keeping on – and to uncover the best YOU that you can possibly be.