Moisturize Your Skin By Drinking Healthy Liquids

Moisturizing lotions may be all the rage, but the real key to glowing skin is to begin from the inside out! Simply eliminating caffeine in the form of sodas and coffee is a great place to begin. Caffeine dehydrates both the body and the skin – did you know that? It also acts as a diuretic, increasing urine output, which also depletes both your body and your skin of the soothing moisture it needs. Of course, we commonly battle the effects with all kinds of moisturizers, but the better way is to put the moisture INTO your body, not just onto it.

Drinking plenty of pure water, unheated juices or coconut milk or water will give your skin and body the hydration it craves. Look at the colors in fruit and vegetable juices – they are the colors of the earth and will cause your body to glow in warm and healthy skin tones. You really ARE what you eat (and drink)!

So do you really need to drop the coffee and sodas? Well, the truth is that the overall effects of caffeine in your body will show up in your skin as well. Heavy caffeine consumers can experience a variety of various maladies: osteoporosis, depression, headaches, and sleeplessness, in addition to heightened agitation and irritability. Believe it or not, the results will also reflect in your skin.

When you replace these cokes, coffees and teas made with boiling water with pure water, juices, “sun tea” and coconut milk, you will soon notice that you will start to feel better and sleep better. (Don’t be surprised if you have a few withdrawal symptoms at first, though – this is to be expected). Your skin has no choice but to reflect the good bursts of health that the organs and cells of your body are now cheering about – once you’ve kicked the caffeine habit to the curb.

Another reason for drinking pure water, natural juices and “sun tea”, is simply this: when you boil water, you release oxygen from it. All of those highly processed sodas, juices and the like that come from the grocery store shelves are primarily heated, pasteurized and devoid of any life giving substance. But pure juices, water and tea actually help the body detoxify, and the skin is the largest eliminative organ we have.

So to achieve that healthy complexion you’ve always wanted, drink plenty of water and pure juices, including coconut water or milk if you like, and eat plenty of raw food.

What goes into your body will reflect on that beautiful face of yours – so feed it what will make it glow!

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